Thursday, April 10, 2008

SHHH I've got a secret!

This has also spawned from the big spring clean,It was time to shed the excess 'clutter' on my waist as well!
For the last couple of days I have given my diet an overhaul.When I say diet I mean an assesment and alteration of my eating habits not "I am on a diet".I should mention that I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian.
It had to happen!I have adopted some really really REALLY awful eating habits!My healthy friends would just cringe!So lately I had been eating pizza or nachos etc. DAILY and eating late,chips popcorn and worst of all.Pop by the bottle full!
Two days ago I stepped on the scales to discover that I had exceeded my post baby weight,after having given birth to 5 children I was now the fattest I had ever been!I topped the scales at 133lbs! Now to all of you out there rolling your eyes, let me point out that I am only 5ft 1and 1/2 inches tall......and NOT muscular!My kids were eating well ,but I was not.
Long story short I now weigh 125lbs...2days later!I know, I know,its water weight whatever it is it is 8 fewer lbs!So here is what I have changed.Thanks to the helpful advice of a friend
  1. Only whole fruit for breakfast- eat a lot!
  2. NO CHEESE! I was not impressed about this one."Even cottage cheese?" I pleaded and whined.My whining paid off because she allowed it"for now". :)
  3. Eat whole fruit before each meal.
  4. Drink water instead of pop....I know, a no brainer but I was seriously addicted to Dr.Pepper!I knew going cold turkey would be impossible so I switched to real fruit spritzers.They are hard to get and pricey ,so I do not drink much and it is satisfying my need for carbonation.I do actually drink water now.And realized that I was often eating when I was thirsty.I discovered this when after loading up on fruit and veggies I got the urge to eat ,but knew that there was NO WAY that I could be hungry as I could physically feel how full I was.I figured out that like so many over-eaters,my thirst reflex has become so weak that I do not even recognize thirst anymore.
  5. Eat a large salad every day,be mindful of high fat dressings.I have been using cottage cheese as my dressing ,it is delicious!
  6. No eating after 7!Herbal teas,and water only.This used to be normal for me but I got into bad habits.I am glad to be back on track,I feel great not going to bed with that..."eww-I-can't-stand-myself-for -eating -like-this" feelingI am looking forward to NOT FEELING MY THIGHS TOUCH! (SHUDDER)
  7. Go outside at least 15 min each day,work up a light sweat.

So far so good!Other than the dramatic drop in weight,which I am well aware that I will gain some back,the biggest surprise is that I do not feel denied or hungry!Maybe I finally grossed myself out enough to finally take the proper steps toward health.EVERY WOMAN in my family is obese! I will not be the next statistic and neither will my daughters!I think that we all have the power to control this..This is a move toward health,a step forward, is better than backwards or nowhere at all!

I will let you know in a week how things went!


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